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First Name :   Sheila
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Comment :   Just came across your website and was looking around and saw names of men that were stationed in my home town area. I was born and raised in the Conington area. Home of the 457th. Often played on that base as a kid after the war was over. A big thanks to
First Name :   Mary
URL :   SwthrKt@aol.com
Comment :   Just want to say keep up the good work. these memories are important for furture generations.Wish my dad had lived to see this he would have been happy was co-pioltB-17
First Name :   Jim
URL :   JimAnCleon@aol.com
Comment :   9th Air Force Pathfinder Squadron
First Name :   john
URL :   joncon45@aol.com
Comment :   belong to Mass chapter---384th BG 17 missdions POW flew Berlin airlift You have a great site keep up the good work
First Name :   Eric
URL :   thmpsneri@aol.com
Comment :   Love the web site, nice to see some of you guys in the flesh, my dad served on air sea rescue during ww2 (R.A.F) and often told me of the many ditched U.S.A.A.F crews that he helped rescue from the sea, god bless you all and thank you for helping me to gr
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