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Welcome to the 8th Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota website. The Minnesota Chapter is comprised of about 270 members dedicated to sharing and preserving memories of the largest air strike force in history. Click to view our latest newsletter.

We meet 11:30AM every Wednesday at Knights of Columbus Hall - on American Blvd west of Lyndale Ave. in Bloomington, MN. Come join us. Have lunch with our members. Listen to our stories.

"The performance of the 8th Air Force would never again be matched in warfare, and no air force has done more to make a free world possible."
--Historical Aviation Album, 1979

Eighth Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota
P.O. Box 131208, St. Paul, MN 55113

During World War II, more than 200,000 Americans were stationed throughout the United Kingdom as members of the U.S. Eighth Air Force. Their mission was to help the Royal Air Force destroy the military and industrial power of Nazi Germany by taking the war directly over enemy land.

In massive air battles involving thousands of bombers and fighters, over 26,000 young American airmen were killed (one-tenth of all Americans killed in WWII) and 18,000 were wounded. Over 28,000 became POWs after being shot down in German territory. Despite severe losses, the "Mighty Eighth" was never turned back by enemy action and eventually succeeded in devastating the Nazi warmaking machine.

The heroic efforts of these brave men established air superiority that allowed the Allies to successfully invade the European continent and end the war.

Eighth Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota
P.O. Box 131208, St. Paul, MN 55113

8th of MN members have made over one hundred  presentations at weekly Wednesday luncheons at Knights of Columbus Hall in Bloomington, MN. Many of these have been video recorded and are available online via You Tube.

There is also a special archives website about our members and their presentations called The Eighth Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota Presentations Website. This website also has many Veterans' interviews and stories. In addition, the organization has an Eighth Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota Facebook Page with information about people and events.

Eighth Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota
P.O. Box 131208, St. Paul, MN 55113

Officers for 2019.

 Steve Marks Board Member  President
 Dick Hill Board Member  Vice-President
 Gary Birchem Board Member  Treasurer
 Larry Sagstetter Board Member  Communications
 Larry Sagstetter    Webmaster

*Contact Board members via   Other Directors:  Vince Parker, Gene Kretchmer, Dick Kaminski, James Rasmussen.

 Past Presidents
Dick Kaminski 457th BG Earl B. Joswick 95th BG
Frank Frison 447th BG Harold Rutka 34th BG
James Keefe 95th BG Larry Bachman 392nd BG
Don Zupan 379th BG Ed Kueppers ASOVM
William Herbert 96th BG Dave Dahlberg 487th BG
Richard Postier 96th BG Don Bruns 379th BG
Clyde Thompson 490th BG Don Kent 401st BG
Robert Clemens 15th AF Al Anderson ARDC

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I look into the sky today,
I see what God has done.
A bright and awesome sea of blue, A glorious shining sun.

But there was a time not long ago, when the sky was filled with death. Brave men flew and many knew
they would soon draw their last breath.

In Europe’s skies flew the Master Race, and death was their rallying cry.
But our Allies met them Face-To-Face, in the cold of Germany’s Sky.

The British Airmen, strong and brave, met the NAZI might.
The Battle Of Britain was won by boys, but what a costly fight.

America was a peaceful place, the war was far away.
But Hitler and his master race brought death each passing day.

President Roosevelt knew our time was near and he heard our allies’ plea.
Brave men were dying everyday
to keep all of Europe free.

A rallying call soon went out
to brave men across our land.
To meet the foe in Europes’ Skies and cuff the Nazi hand.

Men like Arnold, DooLittle, Lemay gathered Airmen near,
And gave them aircraft to win the fight to vanquish hate and fear.

In Nineteen Hundred Forty Two,
in Savannah, on Georgia’s shore,
Hap Arnold formed the Mighty Eighth, Of the United States Army Air Corps.

Heavy bombers from the United States answered Great Britains’ call,
The key to open freedoms’ gates,
by men who would give their all.

Where the air was thin was found brave men who faced the NAZI might.
They manned their guns, made good runs and never gave up the fight.

In the cold gray skies over Europe’s ground our Bombers flew by day.
And Flak and fighters shot them down,
But we made their fighters pay!

Contrails streamed from Liberators
as they traveled across the sky
And a chill ran up and down their spines at the shout of “Twelve o’clock high”!

To survive a twenty five mission tour
or live to another day,
You flew a tight box, you said all your prayers, and hoped to hear “Bombs Away”.

On the Schweinfurt raid our blood ran red, So many men were lost.
Each Fortress downed, ten men were dead, to pay for freedom’s cost.

One man in four would not come back, What a heavy price was paid!
At Regensburg--NAZI fighters and flak, on a terrible August raid.

When the bomb run was done, your war was not won, you still had the fighters and flak.
You prayed and you prayed, many promises were made, in hope that you all would get back.

Your heart lifted high, when you looked in the sky and your “Little Friends” were there.
You knew they would escort you all the way home and give NAZI fighters a scare.

Where did we find such men as these who flew through a death-filled sky, They heard our allies’ anguished pleas, and answered their rallying cry.

And the tide was turned by our Airmen Brave, We conquered the NAZI might.
What more can be said of brave men who bled and died for freedom’s right.

So many airmen were lost back then,
so many young men had to die.
The valor and courage they all held within, and GOD has lifted them high.

By Jack A. McKeithen MAJOR, USAF (Retired)